WATCH: Biden Utters Stupidest Comment In History Of Politics — Suggests The Chaos He Caused In Kabul Was Just Part Of The Plan

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Biden uttered likely one of the stupidest ideas in political history during an interview with ABC News, and if it wasn’t caught on camera, I might not believe he actually said it.

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Biden actually suggested that the chaos he caused in Kabul was always just part of his plan.

If Biden weren’t such an incompetent boob, none of this would be happening. The chaos we see there is a consequence of his terrible pullout policies, end of story.

Also worth noting, Biden was very dismissive of the crowds on the big military cargo jet and the afghans who fell to their death when he was asked about it, saying “that was for our five days ago.” You could tell he was thinking “c’mon man”, but he didn’t say it.




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