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WATCH: Taliban Filmed Mocking Biden By Flying Captured U.S. Military Helicopters Over Afghanistan

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The Biden administration were left humiliated on Saturday night after multiple vidoes posted to social media showed Taliban terrorists flying captured U.S. military helicopters over Afghanistan.

According to an analyst at the D.C.-based Middle East Institute (MEI), “After capturing several helicopters in Kandahar, a Taliban trained pilot reportedly flew an Mi-17 chopper earlier today, right around the city.” reports: Over much of the past two weeks the Taliban have been capturing bases in an around provincial capitals and major cities, taking the abandoned and available military hardware there – some of it even previously supplied and left there by the US. Some choppers appear Russian-made.

Almost unbelievable videos like the below are circulating:

Likely these pilots were previously part of the Afghan military, perhaps even trained in Pakistan or by the US at some point, before going over to join the advancing Taliban.

There appears actual coordination between Taliban ground forces and their newly captured helicopters in the air, as the below video shows.

So now the imminent fight for Kabul could actually witness Taliban helicopters in action, among the other ongoing absurdities amid the US retreat and impending collapse of the country.

Meanwhile, the ultra-fast advance toward Kabul continues. At this point, the fall of the capital is just a matter of time.

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