WATCH: Fox News Forced To Censor Donald Trump Interview For YouTube

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Former* President Donald Trump’s statements, delivered in an interview with Dan Bongino, were modified before being uploaded to YouTube, in an OBVIOUS example of kowtowing to Big Tech censorship.

This is a violation of free expression, and it will not be tolerated. They remove his own views on his own election since they are his own thoughts. This is BIG BROTHER, and they and you are both aware of it.

And Liz Harrington is well aware of it, as evidenced by her tweets below. But first, here are several clips that have been combined to show the difference.

It’s a clear jump-cut, and it’s done to appease YouTube/Google, or in flat-out collaboration with them. You decide.

So much for “Unfiltered” being the name of Bongino’s show, right? Harrington emphasizes that they don’t blame him, though.

Dan addresses it on Parler.

Expect to hear more about this.



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