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WATCH: Whistleblower Reveals Plans By Hasbro To Brainwash Our Children With CRT Using Toys

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Critical Race Theory (CRT), the gateway drug to Marxism, is already being indoctrinated throughout corporate America, as well as in government, education, and even kindergartens and day cares. Project Veritas has exposed how one children’s toy company is using their products to inculcate CRT in children at the earliest age.

That means toys, y’all. They intend to indoctrinate children “through branding and messaging.” “Through their merchandise.” That was the whistleblower’s quote.

There are two videos here: a ten-minute clip summary and a complete half-hour presentation. Pick one to watch, but you’ll want to see at least one of them.

The really short version is simple. Veritas and their whisteblower, David Johnson, have the training videos from the company itself, in which they EXPLICLITY STATE they are using their products for the EXPRESS purpose of altering the attitudes and “biases” of their target consumer. That is, children as young as FIVE years old.

No that is not an exaggeration:

So yeah, you’ll want to watch this.

You see how far this has gotten? Maybe the wokes have REASON to be so comfortable saying the quiet part out loud…



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