New Poll Shows ‘America First’ Party Would Overtake Republican Party In A Multi-Party System

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Imagine a political system in America where there wasn’t only two real options when you stepped in to the voting booth.  How would Americans vote?  A new poll has done just that, and the results were quite surprising.

Americans would ditch the Republican and Democratic parties for an “America First” nationalist party and “Middle class first” universal health care party if America was a 5-party system, according to a new survey.

A Republican-style party would come in third while a “Green New Deal” social justice party and a Democrat-style LGBTQ, free trade, “reform capitalism” party would tie for last.

From Echelon Insights (survey of 1,001 national registered voters conducted June 18-22 online):

The survey appeared skewed towards the left and the margin of error is probably at least 5%.

Whereas Acela is a solid description of the current Democratic Party their “conservative” Republican Party is not the greatest stand-in as it says they would “promote traditional family values,” which the GOP has zero interest in today (thanks to GOP megadonor Paul Singer).

If they replaced “promote traditional values” with “promote Caitlyn Jenner” and “put Israel First” their support would probably match that of the Acela (Democrats) and Greens.

Of course, this is just a useful thought experiment as the Democratic and Republican parties are set up the way they are for a reason and the American people only getting the worst part of their respective party’s agenda when they’re in office is by design.

Nonetheless, it demonstrates perfectly how we have a rigged system.

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