The White House Just ADMITTED To Colluding With Social Media To CENSOR Speech They Consider “Misinformation”

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Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, confirmed today that the White House is flagging posts with supposed “COVID misinformation” and pushing social media firms like Facebook to remove them:

I’m sure the media and the left will collectively shrug at this discovery, but picture Kayleigh McEnany disclosing that the Trump administration was reporting posts for removal from social media platforms. This would be a major scandal, and social media corporations would be forced to come forward and apologize for cooperating with the Trump government in order to suppress individuals. This is something I am certain of.

In fact, McEnany has already responded to this discovery, arguing that the White House is really helping Trump win his Big Tech lawsuit:

She’s exactly right. Big Tech social media companies have become regulators of speech and thus, by working with the White House, are in effect government actors. One might argue this violates the first amendment, in that the government shall not abridge or curtail freedom of speech.

Go get ’em Trump!



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