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WATCH: Lefty Journalist Left In SHOCK After Video Shows White Antifa Members Protesting All-Black Pro-Cop Crowd

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“Surreal moment in Oakland,” wrote Intercept reporter and left winger Lee Fang on Twitter, to introduce a thread about what he saw with his own eyes about Antifa, which doesn’t exist according to most media, but which according to Chris Cuomo and Brian Williams is made up of heroes.

“About 200 mostly black families rally with police to call for an end to the epidemic of gun violence,” says Fang describing the scene. “Mothers at the stage mourning recently murdered children.”

A tough moment, but a brave one, as these families gather together with law enforcement to seek an end to the loss of life. Antifa, of course, has other ideas about the world, and they made their point here, as “mostly white antifa protesters assembled to jeer them.”

That’s right. To jeer the mothers of black children who were gunned down.

He pointed out that, before he arrived, there was a confrontation, and shared this tweet:

“lot of the anti-violence activists from East Oakland said they were disappointed in the white anti-police antifa protesters,” he said. Uh, ya think??

“Said they seemed close minded and disconnected from the actual violence in the city.” NO WAY. The ANTIFA goons? NO WAY.

Here’s another confrontation.

And more.

That last one, you can hear the valley girl voice of some twenty something IDIOT (I assume the one with purple hair and horn-rimmed glasses holding the ACAB sign in the other videos) tell the grieving families, “you’re using your pain as shield!”


You going to cover that one, CNN??



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