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WATCH: Jen Psaki ADMITS That Joe Biden Wants Critical Race Theory (CRT) In Schools

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Did you catch the latest press conference from Jen Psaki?

A reporter read a quote about the curriculum of “anti-racism” in schools, which specifically includes Critical Race Theory (CRT) teachings, and then asked Psaki if Joe Biden is for it.

Without hesitation, Psaki said that Joe is indeed for it.

Psaki says unequivocally that SHE is, that both Bidens ARE FOR IT, and that it’s good and everyone should be doing it. They are FOR it. That’s what they are for. They aren’t talking around it. They’re saying it.

Just like with the teachers union, it ain’t unclear.

I’m going to say it yet again. RIGHT NOW, THEY ARE SAYING YES, WE WANT CRT IN SCHOOLS. How are they still able to claim that they ARE NOT saying that?

The answer is: the media lets them. Hell it doesn’t just let them, it goes to INSANE lengths to keep saying the whole thing is made up. Look at this ridiculous tripe from this ridiculous clown Colby Hall from Mediaite. These yokels would be laughable for their desperation if it weren’t for the fact they’re so obviously sinister and dangerous.

It’s the same play every time: “Nothing to see here.”

That’s what the evil behind the curtain ALWAYS wants. For you to look away.



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