WATCH: Teacher’s Union Caught In Bald-Faced LIE About Teaching CRT In Schools..

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The largest teacher’s union in the nation, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), was caught in a bald-faced lie about critical race theory being taught in public schools.  Like their cohorts in the mainstream media, the AFT is trying to gaslight American parents in to thinking that CRT isn’t actually being taught to our youth, but it’s hard to make that claim when they are caught on camera BRAGGING about it being taught.

This chain of events happens every single day, it’s right before our eyes, it’s all on video, and they continue to get away with it. The machine of cable news, social media tyrants, and leftist radicals is undefeated … so far.

First, comes the defense.

Then, the justification.

Then, the absolutely contrary tweets.

And finally, the pretend interview, prearranged with propagandist and paid consultant Nicolle Wallace, who is no version of a journalist whatsoever.

Just like that. It’s that easy.

They get away with it because they are all in it together. It is a deliberate, conscious plot against the American people. The elites are undertaking a planned and organized coup. An insurrection. Right in front of our faces. And they control everything we see, so the fact they’re doing it openly shows how much contempt they have for people and certain they are they’ll win.

But they may have overplayed their hand going after the kids so soon in their plot. Parents are fighting back. And parents are a DAMN powerful group.



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