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WATCH: US Women’s Soccer Players Turn Their Back On 98-Year-Old WWII Hero As He Plays National Anthem

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Five members of the United States women’s soccer team refused to face the American flag today in Miyazaki, Japan, as 98-year-old veteran and hero ‘Harmonica Pete’ DuPré played the National Anthem on his harmonica:

This was a truly emotional ceremony, but it was marred by these five players. And they staged their “protest” on July 4th, the day we celebrate Independence Day.

According to some reports, the women turned away from ‘Harmonica Pete,’ disrespecting him in the process.

But that’s wrong.

As you can clearly see form this secondary video, both the American and Mexican flags are next to the jumbotron:

Which means, the women who turn away from ‘Harmonica Pete’ are the ones facing the flag, with their hands over their hearts. They are the patriotic ladies.

Below is a photo of all the players and you can clearly see some of them refuse to face the flag and, as a dead giveaway, their hands are behind their backs:

Only six players are facing the flag, while five are being unpatriotic, disrespectful hags – to put it nicely.

As you can imagine, this did not go over well with patriotic Americans:

 I’ve already finished with the entire team. They’ve completely wrecked it for me. I’d rather support a whole squad of so-called “transgender women” dressed in rainbow-colored jerseys than these anti-America thugs.

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