Judge Ignores Critical Evidence And Sentences Derek Chauvin To 10 Year OVER The Recommended Time

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Judge Peter Cahill on Friday sentenced former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin to 22 and a half years in prison, 10 years over the recommended sentence, and dismissed evidence showing BLM activist Brandon Mitchell lied about his background in order to get on the jury.

Chauvin’s mother delivered an impassioned plea for her son to be shown leniency which fell on deaf ears:

Cahill delivered a sickening monologue while throwing Chauvin to the wolves:

The hyenas celebrated their kill and let it be known they’ve only just begun the process of tearing down our civilization:

Chauvin will no doubt appeal but there’s no reason to believe his appeal will be less rigged than his original show trial.

Never forgot, Attorney General Merrick Garland had a secret plan to arrest Chauvin on the spot if he was found not guilty and hit him with federal police brutality charges in a blatant act of double jeopardy.

The plan was confirmed last month when Garland indicted Chauvin on federal hate crimes charges (along with the three other officers who were with him) for which he may face the death penalty.

If Chauvin isn’t killed in prison by racist jail guards like those torturing the Jan 6 protesters or another prisoner, perhaps with a speedy enough show trial Garland will be able to kill him himself.

Chauvin’s case contrasts perfectly with the murder of Ernest Martin Stevens by Devon Dontray Dunham.

Whereas Chauvin is getting 22 1/2 years for kneeling on the back of a felon, armed robber and drug addict with severe heart disease who was high out of his mind on deadly fentanyl and methamphetamines and was caught swallowing drugs during a prior arrest one year earlier, Devon Dontray Dunham was let off by a South Carolina jury last month despite confessing to police that he unloaded his gun into unarmed 77-year-old former volunteer fire chief Ernest Martin Stevens after approaching him to ask for a “ride” because he claimed he “felt threatened” and saw him “reach for something.”

Stevens, who was unarmed, wasn’t reaching for anything but was instead reportedly driving away from the armed gunman at the time he was shot in the back with four bullets which killed him after going through his heart and lung.

The New America™ is a country where your guilt is determined not by your actions but by your ancestors.

Biden said when he was running that America needed to scrap the “white man’s” “English jurisprudential culture.”

It’s now gone!

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