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Kamala’s Trip To The Border Was A LIE! She Just Got Outed For Not Actually Visiting Border

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Kamala Harris just got outed as a complete fraud for her supposed “visit” to the US / Mexico border.

It turns out that Kamala’s visit is a complete lie.  She isn’t actually going to visit the border after all, as an RNC official points out:

“Most amazing thing about Harris visiting the border today? It looks like she’s not actually going to visit the border at all. She’s flying into El Paso International, going to a Border Patrol facility that’s miles from the physical border, and … that’s it”

Parkinson added Kamala’s official schedule and a map showing where she’s going to prove his point:

To bolster the point even further, here’s how Derek Hunter describes her trip:

According to her itinerary, most of Kamala’s trip is at the El Paso International Airport, with the one exception where she visits the border patrol station not actually at the border. Nothing but kabuki theater.

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