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WATCH: Tucker Brilliantly EXPOSES CNN’s Don Lemon For Calling America A ‘Racist Country’

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Tucker Carlson just delivered a knockout blow to the CNN fraud, Don Lemon, and it’s quite amazing to watch unfold.

On his show last night, Tucker ran a short segment on CNN’s Don Lemon after Lemon called America a racist country in a recent interview in the Washington Post, and completely exposed him as a fraud and a grifter.

According to Tucker, the ‘oppressed’ Don Lemon lives in a $4 million home in one of the country’s whitest cities.

Sag Harbor, New York has an 80 percent white population and only a 3% black population.

Tucker points out that in his Wapo interview, Lemon stated that America needs more people like him, and that he lectures people on his show about diversity on a regular basis. He claims, however, that Lemon omitted to inform the Post that “in his spare time he runs away from diversity.”

Now watch the beatdown:



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