WATCH: Biden Had To Use A TELEPROMPTER To Give Details About A Meeting He JUST HAD With Putin

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Apparently, President Biden couldn’t even remember details of a meeting he literally just completed.

During his press conference, Biden had to use a teleprompter a few times to tell reporters about his meeting with Putin. Here’s a footage where you can plainly see him reading (the teleprompter is buried behind him):

Even though Biden just had this conversation with Putin today, he still requires the use of a teleprompter to explain what transpired? That’s unbelievable… actually, given what we have seen, it’s really not.

And the contrast is obvious…

Speaking of notes, Biden said during his press conference that they’d given him a list of people to call on:

Guess who wasn’t on the list – Fox News reporter Peter Doocy. But he still managed to get a question in near the end of the press conference.

Since we’re on the topic of Biden’s presser, he snapped at a CNN reporter who yelled out a question about Putin:

And he lied about Officer Sicknick’s death, claiming the rioters killed him:



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