WATCH: High School Graduation Ceremony Turns In To Anti-American Hate-Fest Urging Students To Wage “Jihad”

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Have you wondered what kids in schools today are learning? A video from a recent high school graduation ceremony can give you a glimpse.

This is a glimpse of the essence of propaganda and indoctrination bombarding our children. This is what students at public schools are exposed to all day, every day. It’s bending their minds in ways you can’t fathom, ways that facts and information may never be able to correct.

Last week’s graduation ceremony at Virginia’s Justice High School consisted entirely of social justice, anti-American rubbish, some of it bordering on terroristic.

Abrar Omeish, a Democrat on the Fairfax County School Board, offered the most woke SJW crapfest I’ve ever heard all in one location as the keynote speaker. It’s nearly impossible to encapsulate this horrific exhibition, but we have a two-minute clip from this scammer masquerading as an education and public servant’s very long, very bad lecture.

The ceremony began, for some reason, with the JROTC color guard and the playing of the National Anthem. I’m not sure why it started in this manner, given that the rest of the event spit on America. The Pledge of Allegiance, which the class president referred to as “the nation’s anthem” and ended with the phrase “one nation, under Allah,” was the next item on the agenda. “Omeish was out of view of the camera,” according to the Daily Wire, “but a photo from another recent graduation shows her as the only person without her hand over her heart during the pledge.”

Here’s a two minutes hate from Omeish.

And in this clip she encourages high schoolers to remember ‘jihad’ as they ‘enter a world of white supremacy and capitalism’:

As y’all know I like to say, BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. Again, from the excellent report by Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak.

The president of the student government then introduced Omeish by noting that she was “Virginia co-chair for the Bernie Sanders campaign” and that her father, Esam Omeish, was a “leader and a board member of the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center” who “raised his daughter to be an outspoken woman.”

Dar al-Hijrah is a mosque attended by two of the 9/11 hijackers as well as the shooter in the 2009 attack on Fort Hood. Its imam was Anwar al-Awlaki, who President Barack Obama ordered killed by drone strike for plotting terrorism for Al Queda. Omeish noted that her father was in attendance at the graduation.

Oh and guess what. This graduation speaker filling kids minds with her ideology? This her.

Well ain’t that about a kick in the teeth. Your tax dollars at work, Fairfax parents!

It’s all around you, folks. From kindergarten through graduation, from the schoolyard to the workplace, from local government to global affairs, in the press and on cable “news” and even the armed forces and beyond.

But it all starts at the schools. You ought to ask your kids TONIGHT whether this kind of crap is at theirs.

You can watch the entire graduation ceremony here.



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