WATCH: Bill Maher RIPS On ‘Butt-Covering Morons’ Still Wearing Masks

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Bill Maher remains one of the lone people on the Left that has a shred of common sense and enough courage to speak out against the mob.

HBO’s ultra-liberal but woke-progressive-hating host with the filthy mouth and religious intolerance has been showing up in right-wing clips a lot recently. That’s because it’s so rare for someone in the media to speak out against wokism, SJWs, and performative liberalism.

This time, he’s speaking the truth about the progressive awake anti-science left’s ongoing and ridiculous anti-science mask Covidiots.

I’ve got two videos for you. One is a Rumble video, and the other is a tweet from the MRC’s Brent Baker. I promise you’ll be glad you did. ON BOTH, THERE IS A LANGUAGE WARNING.

Part One:

Part Two:

“Now we’re over the … it’s over! Can we just say it’s over?” he says. Amen to that.

“I know it was great fun to have a pandemic and order Grubhub every night, but…” he also said. Tell you what, I love that one because it’s so perfect. That’s exactly right, these New York mollycoddled wusses in their apartment dictating how the rest of us should live are doing Zoom conferences and getting food delivered and having a good old time, and plus they get to ACT like they’re suffering. Which they LOVE.

“I watch the basketball playoffs now, most of the people are in the stands not wearing masks, and apparently there’s no super-spreader event coming out of that. And yet I see the players are playing without masks, they go on the bench, the coach has a mask on! Why? It’s just stupid, inconsistent, ass-covering.”

DANG RIGHT. It’s nonsense.



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