Historic Election Fraud Case Unfolding As Georgia County Election Officials Suspected Of Election Malfeasance Are Subpoenaed To Testify

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According to reports, three Georgia county election officials have been served with summons to testify in a historic fraud case involving the 2020 ballot count.

Wandrea Shaye Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman, both poll workers in Fulton County, have been ordered to give depositions on what happened during the 2020 election count.

During the presidential election, Freeman and Moss were instrumental in the after-hours ballot-counting process at State Farm Arena.

Affidavits to give videotaped depositions were served on David Makever Alligood and Ruby Freeman. Freeman is notorious for being suspected of election malfeasance during the 2020 election. Among those activates were dragging out boxes of ballots from under a table after protocol was broken and election observers were wrongfully sent home early at State Farm Arena.

The sworn deposition will provide an opportunity for Freeman to explain her video recorded activities.

Ruby Freeman’s daughter, who was actually her boss, was also subpoenaed to explain herself before the court.

Wandrea Shaye Moss assisted in pulling out vote boxes after sending election observers home early. She was then  seen herself running piles of ballots through tabulators, some of them many times. On June 10, she will give a filmed deposition, assuming she shows up.

Election officials in Fulton County are taking the investigation extremely seriously. Despite the fact that the court is not adjudicating criminal charges, they have recruited two top criminal defense attorneys for the case.

According to Heather Mullins of Real America’s Voice, “the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections has hired two of Georgia’s top criminal defense attorneys and filed paperwork to halt the audit proceedings previously ordered by the judge.”

Donald Samuel and Amanda Palmer are both lawyers with Atlanta’s Garland, Samuel and Loeb law firm.

The lawsuit in Fulton County has spurred a much-anticipated election audit, which will examine physical ballots in greater detail. The ballot examination will hopefully put to rest what fair-minded observers saw on video on election night: Fulton County election workers running piles of votes through tabulation equipment many times.

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