WATCH: Elderly White Man In A Red Hat BRUTALLY Attacked Randomly By Black Man At Venice Beach

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At Venice Beach, an elderly white man wearing a red hat was simply having fun dancing when he was violently attacked by a black man going past him.

Watch the video:

The performer is apparently well-known on Venice Beach. He was simply dancing until a black man approached him and sucker punched him in the face, as you can see.

The red hat isn’t mentioned in any reports, and I’m not sure if it’s a MAGA hat or anything else. However, one must ask if the black man simply saw the red hat and assumed it was a MAGA hat.

Homeless encampments have suddenly sprung up on Venice Beach’s promenade, and violence is on the rise. In less than a week, this is the second heinous assault.

“The man’s sister says he has a shattered cheek and broken ocular bone in many places,” according to Fox 11. He’s doing well at home.”

I haven’t read that they’ve caught the attacker yet but we’ll try to update if he is.



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