‘Unbiased’ Univision Reporter Fawns Over Kamala During Press Conference: “It’s An Honor… I Voted For You”

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Today, a Univision reporter confessed to Kamala that asking her a question was an honor and that she actually voted for her:

Now I don’t recall ever hearing a reporter say that to Trump or Pence, and if they had, they would have been laughed out of the business. I didn’t like one right-wing reporter in particular because she was way too pro-Trump in her questioning, and I haven’t liked her since. Because reporters are expected to be objective, even if they have a personal bias for one candidate over another.

Most reporters now only care about having a phony veneer of objectivism, but this Univision reporter displays her views for all to see. At least we can say that she is forthright about her prejudices.

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