WATCH: Mark Zuckerberg Cries About ‘Leakers’ Talking To Project Veritas And Hurting Facebook’s Reputation

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A new video has come out showing Mark Zuckerberg and Heidi Schwartz, Facebook’s top executive, complaining about the leak problem they have, thanks to Project Veritas, and how they’re working to discover leakers internally because it’s making them look terrible.

Here’s a better idea, Mark. How about you just stop being corrupt?

There are no big bombshells here, but it’s amusing to see how much James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have irritated Zuckerberg. In the Q&A, Heidi Schwartz really gives a speech to try to prevent possible leakers from divulging more of the company’s secrets.

Something Schwartz mentioned in the video about having trouble controlling what happens to released materials once they’ve been published makes me think Facebook is putting pressure on the mainstream media to ignore Project Veritas’ Facebook leaks stories. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the media is working with them to prevent the release of these PV videos.

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