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WATCH: Teacher Caught On Camera SCREAMING And Cursing At Student For Not Wearing A Mask.. Because He Was VACCINATED

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A Wisconsin teacher has been placed on leave after a video surfaced of her flipping out in a lunatic rage at a student who wasn’t wearing a mask.. because he was vaccinated.

IN the video, an unidentified Poynette School District teacher is heard calling the student a “little dink” and a “jerk” (twice), as well as telling him “nobody likes you.”

Face masks are required in school buildings and on district-related transportation, according to district policy, but Poynette’s Matthew Shappell did not specify what the penalty is for students who break it.

The video of the May 11 incident went viral after talk show host Vicki McKenna shared it, according to the Portage Daily Register. McKenna shared an edited version of the video on Rumble, obfuscating the student’s identity (below).

The teacher exclaims, “I don’t care if you’re vaccinated, you little dick.” “I don’t want to get sick and die because of it. You can infect other people just because you’ve been vaccinated. What’s more, guess what? You’re not a unique individual in this town.

“You should hear how everyone around here talks about you. You’re a scumbag. You’re a scumbag. You must also show respect for others in your life. You’re not a big guy on campus, so stop acting like you’ve got a stick up your buttocks.”

Shappell put a statement on Facebook noting the district “is aware of an incident” and that the teacher is on leave pending an investigation. “Appropriate support” was provided to the student involved and his parents contacted.

Interestingly, the district made a separate post the following day saying it was disabling comments “to maintain the integrity of [its] social media platform.” Parents and other interested parties with questions or concerns are told to contact building administrators or the superintendent.

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