WATCH: The IDF Strikes With Stunning Precision And LEVELS 12-story Al-Jalaa Tower Hamas Was Using MEDIA as SHIELDS

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The IDF takes care of business, and playing media games will not protect Hamas from legal and justified air strikes in Gaza. Israel is fighting terror in the way that wars are supposed to be fought. Terrorists will not be saved by hiding behind civilians or a complicit media such as the Associated Press.

The assassination of this lawful terror target, which had been given fair warning, was captured on dramatic video, which has gone viral on social media and news websites. It was first shown to me on

Watch this strike as it unfolds.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) gave advance notice that they were going to attack a key Hamas intelligence asset. The media and liberals are freaking out about it, not because they didn’t KNOW there was advance warning, or because they didn’t KNOW Hamas shared office space with them, but because they are dishonest liars who are complicit in terrorism. “There was no immediate explanation for why it was attacked,” according to the AP story.


Here’s the tweet.

And Here is even more EXTREMELY IMPORTANT context:

It IS what the world needs to see. Will the AP run it?

I have my doubts. They are probably looking for new office space to share with terrorists.



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