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Swalwell FLIPS OUT, Attacks Aide To MTG Who Reminds Him He Doesn’t Need To Wear Mask Anymore

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A member of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s staff casually mentioned to known unstable person Eric Swalwell that he could remove his mask after the leader of his own party, President Biden, said it was now OK to do so. Swalwell, being the crazy person he is, retaliated by screaming a LUNATIC RAGE FIT in the face of the staffer, because that’s totally normal.

The Hill’s Scott Wong witnessed and reported it last night. Swalwell responded on Twitter, and staffer Nick Dyer, who is Communications Director for MTG, gave a statement to Gateway Pundit.

Let’s go through these in order of truthfulness, starting with Dyer.

“At the top of the steps, I cordially and jovially said ‘Congressman, Biden said you can take off your mask’ as we walked by. I did not yell. I did not tell him to take his mask off,” Dyer explained. “He then chased me inside, aggressively leaned into me, got inches from my face and said ‘Don’t tell me what to f-cking do.’ It was actual verbal assault with an attempt at physical intimidation.”

Here is the Hill’s Scott Wong, who couldn’t hear the whole thing. LANGUAGE WARNING.

After the news spread overnight, Greene weighed in with her own witness account.

And here is Swalwell.

He regrets not cursing more while trying to intimidate a staffer.

They aren’t going to take their masks off. You already saw yesterday that they don’t want to give up their virtue signal. And some states, and stores (like Kroger) are also ignoring the CDC and science and refusing to surrender masks.

We knew it would go down this way.



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