WATCH: Israel Strikes Back — IDF Video Shows Targeted Bombing Of A Hamas UAV Drone

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Israel’s IDF released footage this morning of a Hamas UAV or drone, which was in the process of being launched into Israel, going boom after they destroyed it:

I’m guessing the drone was armed with bombs or rockets given that the IDF called it an ‘explosive UAV’. Good for them on neutralizing it before it was able to threaten Israel.

This morning and IDF soldier was killed when an anti-tank missile was fired into Israel:

I hope Israel makes his memory a ‘blessing’ on their people by destroying the terrorists in Gaza. In fact they’ve already started making headway in that regard:

There were more rockets fired this morning into Israel and I’m sure the IDF is continuing to bomb more targets in Gaza. We’ll bring you more on this when we have it.

I’ll leave you with this:



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