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WATCH: Rand Paul GRILLS Fauci Over China LIE — Our Govt. FUNDED Research That Led To COVID-19!

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Senator Rand Paul put Dr. Fauci on the hot seat this morning and grilled him over whether the NIAID and NIH funded the gain of function research that led to the coronavirus. As usual, this exchange between Paul and Fauci does not disappoint because Paul doesn’t back down in the face of Fauci’s denials.


As you’ll see in the video, Fauci is extremely specific in his denials that the NIAID and NIH funded the gain-of-function research that went on in the Wuhan Virology lab. He also denies that the research being funded here in the states was gain-of-function research, with some caveat about it possibly being done under very specific guidelines or something. Fauci claims if it was being done, it was being done in North Carolina, not China.

But Rand Paul points out that over 200 scientists say that what Fauci’s department funded here in the states was definitely gain-of-function research. Fauci says they are wrong.

Fauci does a fair amount of parsing and dodging of Paul’s questions though, with some denials thrown in. What Rand Paul is accusing Fauci of is funding the research here in the states BEFORE it was shared by a US scientist with a Chinese scientist in the Wuhan lab, thereby making the US somewhat culpable, and in particularly Fauci. I don’t think Fauci denied that flat out, as he just kept saying over and over near the end that the NIAID and NIH did not fund the research in the Wuhan lab.

Watch and see what you think…



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