Diplomat Representing Joe Biden In Iran ‘Mysteriously’ Falls To Her Death From 17-Story Building — Will Biden Respond?

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Questions are swirling over the mysterious death of a Swiss diplomat representing Biden in Iran.

Her name was Sylvie Brunner and she was in Tehran on a diplomatic mission.

For decades, Switzerland has represented the US and Iranian relations since the two countries have not had diplomatic relations since 1980.

While she was in the city, she suddenly died.

She fell, jumped, or was pushed to her death off her apartment balcony, 17-stories up.

Very odd.

Iran Intl reported that Iranian authorities have yet to announce their conclusions on the death of Sylvie Brunner, a 51-year-old Swiss diplomat in Tehran, Hamshahri newspaper has offered an account of her death that may feed speculation. Brunner, first secretary of the Swiss embassy and deputy of the United States interest section, fell from her residence in a high-rise building Tuesday.

A cleaner discovered the body and immediately informed the building’s management. It quoted an expert from the coroner’s office confirming death occurred eight hours before the body was discovered.

Witnesses said they heard some kind of “explosion” just after midnight. The diplomat’s body was found approximately 8 hours later.

But here’s the kicker – according to the piece Brunner was wearing casual clothes, appropriate for the home, as well as a hat. The paper quoted criminal investigators that “there were no signs of disorder in the apartment and the balcony from where she fell had a guard-rail 110-cm high.” Moreover, investigators did not find blood or signs of a struggle on the balcony or the railing.

In its most startling claim, Hamshahri said police had found a hand-written paper without a date or signature on a table at the guest room. “After my death take my body back to Switzerland and inform my son,” the note reportedly read. “Then, cremate my body and bury it next to my child who died. Moreover, give all my money and everything I have to my other son.” The house-aide is quoted as saying that Brunner had sometimes shown signs of depression but lately had seemed better.

Did she really commit suicide, or was this some kind of foul play made to look like a suicide?

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