Resurfaced CNN Report Revealed How Easy Voting Machines Were To Hack In 2017 (But Only After Trump Won)

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In an eye-opening report, OANN reporter Pearson Sharp reveals an exclusive 2017 CNN report showing how easily voting machines could be hacked in the United States. Curiously, the network that’s been mocking Trump supporters for suggesting voter fraud took place in November, aired their exclusive report after Trump beat Hillary in the 2016 election.

In their exclusive report, CNN visits a DefCon Hacking Conference showing “a room full of hackers” who are all trying to hack into voting machines used in U.S. elections. The hackers were told to break into the voting machines and reverse engineer them, using any means necessary. The CNN host points out that incredibly, most voting machines were hacked into within an hour and a half.

In one of the CNN clips, one of the hackers can be heard explaining, “You can possibly make an accepted fake card or accept any card so you can add your own votes.”

Another hacker mocks the outdated software voting machines use, “These are supposed to be the latest machines, and they’re still used in elections. And they’re running ancient software. I think that like—If someone wanted to, it could be pretty easy to fake an election,” he claims.

“We can get in and hack this log within 10 seconds. We can actually remove this (UBS drive) and clone this particular USB. We can go back and start looking at and reverse engineer this particular image and determine nefarious ways that we can impact this particular operating system,” another hacker tells the CNN host.

The CNN host explains that the “experiment” they highlight in their report is the “brainchild of Jake Braun, a former Obama Security Advisor.

In a sitdown interview with the CNN host, Braun explained how after Trump won in 2016, they wanted to make sure that moving forward, voting machines are safe from outside manipulation. “You know, with everything that happened in 2016,  what we’re trying to do is get this industry to mature from a cybersecurity perspective so you don’t have folks saying what they are now like, ‘Machines are hackable, or databases are air-gapped and can’t be changed,’” Braun tells the CNN host.

The CNN host points out to viewers that US intelligence agencies have already stated Russia was able to break into our voting machines in the 2016 elections. “The Department of Homeland Security also found that they targeted election-related systems in as many as 21 states,” the CNN host explained.

The former Obama security advisor tells the CNN host, “If you wanted to go in and specifically manipulate vote counts on every single machine in America, that’d be really hard to do,” he said, adding, “But you don’t need to do that to have an impact on the election,” he said, explaining how easy it would be to flip a couple of Senate seats and some House seats to change the balance of Congress.

“There’s a lot of mischief that these guys do without ever having to physically touch a machine,” Braun told the CNN host.


Americans should be outraged that our dishonest mainstream media and low-ratings cable networks like CNN, refuse to report on voter fraud accusations following the November 2020 election, but were willing to take a deep dive into the possibility of voter fraud following Hillary’s loss to Trump in 2016.

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