Seattle’s “Socialist” City Council Are Worth Millions, Records Revealed

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Two members of Seattle’s city council who identify as socialists are now collectively worth over three million dollars.

This news comes just two weeks after the revelation that a national leader for Black Lives Matter has amassed a real estate fortune worth millions of dollars.

It’s almost like these far leftists are more interested in joining the one percent than they are in fighting it, as they constantly claim.

Jason Rantz reports at KTTH Radio:

Rantz: Seattle’s socialist councilmembers collectively worth over $3.5 million

Socialists on the Seattle City Council have taken advantage of our capitalist system, getting wealthy off the low-income voters they claim to fight for.

In fact, Socialists Kshama Sawant and Tammy Morales are collectively worth over $3.5 million dollars. In Washington state, they’re both one-percenters: the very people they regularly demonize.

Councilmembers must submit financial disclosure forms every year. It allows the public to see any potential conflicts of interest. But it has the added bonus of highlighting how many get wealthy off their socialist grift. It turns out, the only way socialism works, apparently, is selling your brand to kids who live at their parent’s homes, while convincing them to give you more power…

Councilmember Sawant has built a brand over demonizing the rich. But while she drums up anger amongst her cult-like followers of 20-something Antifa radicals and local college professors, Sawant and her husband get rich.

Not only did Sawant list her net worth as $550,000 this year, but it’s more than doubled since 2016 when it was listed as $270,000. And that completely grassroots campaign of supporters to defend Sawant against the recall campaign she’s pretending is fueled by the right? Her husband Calvin Priest serves as its political director.

These people are socialists? Maybe for everyone else, but not for themselves apparently.

Will the liberal media dig into this story?

Don’t hold your breath.

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