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Nancy Pelosi Just Pissed Off Every Democrat By THANKING George Floyd For Dying

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In a speech after the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict, the abhorrent Nancy Pelosi thanked George Floyd for sacrificing his life, and it didn’t sit too well with the Left.

“Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice,” Pelosi exclaimed proudly, “for being there to call out to your mom – how heartbreaking was that – call out for your mom ‘I can’t breathe’” she added, clearly believing that her incredibly ignorant comment would get a standing ovation from the Left.

But that standing ovation did not come. Instead, the Left took to social media to denounce her. #CancelNancy actually began to trend on Twitter. Now the Democrat mob wants to cancel her and have escalated their requests.

Blue checkmarks also denounced her:

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