WATCH: Sympathetic CNN Attacked, Chased Away By ‘Peaceful Protesters’

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CNN rushed to Minneapolis to cover the “peaceful protesters”. They thought they would be welcomes with open arms given their sympathy to the mob. It didn’t exactly go as planned.

CNN’s crew was attacked and forced to flee by an angry mob.

One crew member was struck in the head by a large water bottle, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground.

“A bottle of water knocked you out?” a man is heard mocking the journalist before cackling. 

While others at the scene called for a medic, the CNN crew member insisted he was “fine” after he got up. 

Rowan, who documented the assault on the CNN journalist, told Fox News that demonstrators were urging reporters to cover the “peaceful protesters” in a different area instead of focusing the hostility between the rioters and law enforcement, saying “It’s not representative of Minneapolis and the community.” 

The Examiner reporter told Fox News that he was ordered by one person to “stop making Minneapolis look like Fallujah” and “like a war.”

After the water bottle incident, a verbal exchange between the CNN crew and the protesters continued. Eventually, Rowan recounted, demonstrators began “shoving” the journalists.

As Rowan documented, the CNN crew was then chased away with the mob ordering them to “get the f— outta here” and hurling more objects at them.

“We don’t want any trouble,” the crew member who was hit with the water bottle told the crowd with his hands in the air. 

They continued to throw objects at the crew’s car as they attempted to drive away. 

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