WATCH: Social Justice Leaders Openly Call For Looting, Arson — “I Support All That Sh*t”

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Burn it down isn’t just a pithy slogan for change. Some people want exactly that. Loot stores and burn cities to the ground.

When we’ve got educators, media, and now the White House itself running every issue through a racial lens of oppressed and oppressor, that has a predictably negative effect on society.

It creates division, resentment, and a sense of entitlement.

Stoking lies like Jim Crow 2.0 and ‘Big Lie’ is only serving to create greater tensions and resentment.

In this case, it comes down to somebody had more stuff than me, and I’m owed something for it. That sentiment is being further indulged by talk of reparations, and CRT teaching being foisted on our government, and embracing the 1619 Project whose author was happy to hear that the riots in 2020 had been dubbed the 1619 riots, and 1619 was spraypainted on some of the property destruction.

The activists in the public have gotten the message.

The resentment, envy, and rage have taken root, and the activists have decided who is to blame. They are not looking for equality. They are not looking for a way forward. They are looking for vengeance. See for yourself.

Who is she? That clip is from a longer one (96 minutes) on YouTube.

Here’s what she wrote about her own show:

And if you think she’s the only activist calling for this, think again. In fact, they have their own playbook.

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