WATCH: Peaceful Protesters Peacefully Smash Up Stores And Cars In Minneapolis After Police Shoot Wanted Man

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The situation in the Minneapolis area has continued to deteriorate since riots began late Sunday afternoon. Multiple videos of rioting, looting, and general mayhem have spread across social media, sparked by a police officer shooting a man after he was discovered to be subject to an arrest warrant during a traffic stop, and then attempted to flee police.

Several area businesses in Minneapolis and nearby Brooklyn Center were trashed and looted after the police shooting left a man wanted for arrest dead and his female passenger in the hospital due to wounds sustained in the brief car chase. Stores looted included a Walmart, CVS, Footlocker, Little Caesars and what appear to be several local businesses.

Of course, as we all know, looting a Walmart is the best way to end “racism”.

After several hours of sustained violence, police officially acknowledged the riot and began employing crowd control measures including tear gas and flash bangs to disperse the throngs of rioters.

Police have now released a statement describing what led to the officer involved shooting. A man with an outstanding warrant was apparently in the process of fleeing from police after a routine traffic stop when he was shot.

“Brooklyn Center Police Department officers initiated a stop for a traffic violation,” the police wrote in a press release. “Officers determined that the driver of the vehicle had an outstanding warrant. At one point as officers were attempting to take the driver into custody, the driver re-entered the vehicle.”

“One officer discharged their firearm, striking the driver.” Though injured, the suspect apparently continued to flee, causing damage to another nearby vehicle.

“The vehicle traveled several blocks before striking another vehicle,” the police press release explains. “Officers in pursuit and responding medical personnel attempted life saving measures, but the person died at the scene.”

Another vehicle was damaged during the brief pursuit, as police say the now-deceased man wrecked his vehicle into an innocent bystander, ostensibly after being shot by an officer.

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