New Video In George Floyd Case Could Lead To Chauvin Acquittal — Floyd Admits To Taking ‘Too Many Drugs’

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A new video in which George Floyds seemingly admits to eating ‘too many drugs’ was presented at the trial of Officer Derek Chauvin on Wednesday and it was disastrous for the prosecution.

Of course…

There will be BLM radicals out there who claim that Floyd died because Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s neck.

However, there is new video footage from another angle showing Chauvin’s knee apparently on Floyd’s shoulder blades instead.

Decide for yourself:

The Minneapolis Police Chief himself admits that it appears Chauvin may not have been kneeling on Floyd’s neck at all.

This is why we should wait for the facts to come out before rushing to judgment!

The New York Post confirms this shocking twist in the case:

George Floyd can be heard admitting on videotape that he took drugs before his fatal arrest, the lawyer for ex-Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin claimed at the former officer’s murder trial Wednesday.

Eric Nelson made the assertion while questioning Los Angeles Police Department use-of-force expert Sgt. Jody Stiger, a paid expert called by state prosecutors.

“Did you hear what he said?” Nelson asked Stiger during cross-examination.

“No, I couldn’t make it out,” Stiger said.

“Does it sound like he says, ‘I ate too many drugs’? Listen again,” Nelson said.

The LAPD sergeant said he still could not make it out, prompting Nelson to add, “In the chaos of a situation, things can be missed, right?”

“Yes,” Stiger answered.

Stiger, who has testified that Chauvin and other Minneapolis cops at the scene of Floyd’s fatal encounter with police on May 25 used unnecessary force, conceded that the officers’ initial use of force was “reasonable.”

In particular, Nelson noted that two cops were already on scene when Chauvin arrived.

“You would agree that from the time Officer Chauvin gets on scene until the time that Mr. Floyd is prone on the ground, Mr. Floyd was actively resisting efforts to go into the back seat of the squad car?” Nelson asked.

“And the officers were reasonable in their use of force in their attempt to get him into the back of the squad car,” Nelson said. “Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Stiger replied.

But Stiger also testified that Chauvin and the other cops used “deadly force” while restraining a handcuffed Floyd — and kept him pinned down for too long.

“He was in the prone position,” Stiger told prosecutor Steve Schleicher. “He was handcuffed, he was not attempting to resist, he was not attempting to assault the officers — punch, kick, anything of that nature.”

Stiger, who said he is being paid nearly $13,000 for his testimony, also said Chauvin is seen on viral video using a “pain compliance” hold on Floyd — squeezing his fingers and bending back his wrist against his handcuffs after he is down and not resisting.

He said pain is a technique used to force suspects to follow cops’ orders.

“What if there’s no opportunity for compliance?” Schleicher asked.

“Then at that point it’s just pain,” Stiger replied.

Stiger’s testimony came on his second day on the stand at trial, in which Chauvin is charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in Floyd’s police-custody death.

This news should change the narrative a lot.

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