George Soros Pledges $20 Million To Pressure Biden To Continue Far-Left Agenda Including Raising Taxes On Middle Class

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Remember when Democrats claimed that they were against outside groups and billionaires having too much influence in our politics?

That’s all over now that they’re in charge.

Left wing billionaire George Soros is pledging millions of dollars to help advance Biden’s far left agenda, and the Democrats will happily take it.

Newsmax reports:

Soros Group Pledges $20M to Boost Biden Plan

The George Soros-founded Open Society Foundations are pledging $20 million for a campaign to rally progressives to support President Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposal, Axios reported on Monday.

Financial support from the group could help spur a vital call to action for Democrat donors and activists who back Biden’s initial $2 trillion-plus infrastructure plan but are determined to see the president do more.

Biden is considering revealing later this month a second part of his overall proposal, which would have a broader focus on social welfare proposals — such as health care, the care-giving economy, climate, and community colleges.

The idea of the $20 million pledge is to help jumpstart as much as $100 million in funding to help encourage support for Biden’s overall agenda.

The money is expected to help activate many of the grassroots progressive groups that led the fierce opposition to the agenda of former President Donald Trump.

Democrats: It’s different when WE do it.

Everyone should listen and pay attention to whatever Democrats accuse the right of doing. That’s what they will eventually do.

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