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Spirit Airlines Crewmember Tries To Kick Family Off Plane Because 2-Year-Old Wouldn’t Wear Mask — Instead, The CREWMEMBER Gets Kicked Off!

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A Spirit Airlines crewmember tried to force a Jewish family of three off the airplane in Orlando before takeoff because their just-turned 2-year-old daughter would’t wear a mask. She claimed the pilot wanted them off the plane:

It’s worth noting the mom was also 7 months pregnant with a special needs child.

After the family wouldn’t leave, the crewmember said she would go get the police and have them removed.

Instead, the entire complement of passengers were deplaned:

Unlike other incidents, this one does have a happy ending. The crewmember was removed and everyone let back on board, including the family:

Jews face a lot of persecution just for being Jews. We don’t know the motivation of this crewmember, but it seems more than ironic that she was removed and the family was let back on the plane. Whatever the case, I’m glad Spirit Airlines did the right thing here.

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