Biden Is ALREADY Pushing For Another Massive COVID ‘Relief’ Package — Then He Announced MASSIVE Tax Hike

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Sunday that President Biden would soon be pushing for another large spending package to stimulate other areas of the economy left reeling from the COVID pandemic but left untouched by the recent $1.9 trillion package he signed into law.

“When the president advocated for the American Rescue Plan, he talked about this being two stages: rescue then recovery,” Psaki told Fox News Sunday. “What the American people will hear from him this week, is part of his plan, the first step of his plan toward recovery which will include an investment in infrastructure.”

Psaki said that the president would have more to say about the topic in April, indicating that Biden wanted to target health care and child care since the number of women fleeing the workforce was “a crisis right now.”

Psaki stressed that this massive spending bill would be separate from the large infrastructure package the president will introduce on Wednesday that could call for up to $3 trillion in new spending for infrastructure, climate change, and drug prices.

This announcement came just before the Biden White House unveiled their plans for a massive, $3 trillion tax hike targeting businesses, married couples and anyone earning over $400,000.

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