Media Ignored Anti-Asian Hate Crime Day After Atlanta Shooting Because The Attackers Didn’t Fit Their Narrative

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Americans were left shocked last week when a man shot and killed eight people in Atlanta massage parlors. Before the blood was even dried ever mainstream media outlet jumped to decry the vicious attack and label it an “anti-Asian hate crime”.

There was, however, no evidence that the attack was driven by hate of Asians. The killer explicitly said it wasn’t. But it didn’t matter to the media, their narrative was set.

Just one day after the Atlanta shooting there was yet another attack against an Asian person. A beauty store owner was viciously beaten and left bloody. The attackers this time made their racist motive known, yelling, “you little Asian girl” and “Asian people shouldn’t be in the Black market” as they pummeled her.

But, this time the media, foaming at the mouth at any chance to point out anti-Asian crimes, were silent, and it soon became very obvious why.

LMTOnline reported:

An Asian beauty supply store owner in north Harris County was verbally and physically attacked by customers on March 17, per KPRC2’s Andy Cerota.

According to Cerota, store owner Jung Kim asked five customers, two of which were identified by Houston police as Keaundra Young and Daquiesha Williams, to leave her store after they knocked over several wig displays.

Surveillance captured the women returning and once again, knocking over the displays. The incident escalated quickly, with Kim suffering at least eight punches, including one to the face, that left her bloodied and bruised with a broken nose that will require surgery.

“They started saying something like some racial words like, ‘Asian people shouldn’t be in the Black market,’” said Sung Jun Lee, the victim’s son, as reported by Cerota. “We’re stealing their money.”

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