WATCH: Comedian Dana Carvey Nails Perfect Joe Biden Impersonation

For those who suffered through the cringeworthy efforts of comedian Will Ferrell to imitate George W. Bush on Saturday Night Live, or the mean-spirited contributions of Alec Baldwin supposedly doing Donald Trump on the program for the last four years, you might have come to believe that the NBC sketch show really strikes out when it comes to finding presidential impersonators.

But that hasn’t always been the case. Sure, there have always been bad ones – Chevy Chase doing Gerald Ford always seemed more like Chevy Chase doing Chevy Chase while calling himself Gerald Ford. But legendary comic Dana Carvey was always a home-run, whether he was doing George H.W. Bush and his “nah-gah-dah” (“not gonna do it”), or Ross Perot, Carvey was spectacular.

That’s why it was so nice to see the effervescent Carvey pop up on Stephen Colbert’s CBS Late Show to unveil his Joe Biden impersonation. It’s gold:

And in trademark Carvey style, he was quick to point out it was all in good fun.

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