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WATCH: Citizens Fight Back Against Fascist COVID Lockdowns, Thousands Protest In Streets Around The World

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On Saturday, the Worldwide Rally for Freedom took place in multiple countries including the UK, France, and Germany where tens of thousands took to the streets to protest the lockdowns and mask mandates that are the weapon of choice for the global police state.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced the extension of government-imposed restrictions into the month of April due to the alleged rise of cases caused by variants of the novel coronavirus. Germany’s restrictions include essential travel only, along with mandated quarantines and negative tests for anyone who re-enters the country.

The announcement did not sit well with the general public, who filled the streets of Kassel Saturday, with police resorting to water cannons and pepper spray to control the nearly 20,000 protesters who showed up.

But Germany was far from alone. Angry citizens in Amsterdam, Switzerland, Bulgaria, and London also all took to the streets protesting what they see as the continued restrictions on their freedoms.

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