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Critical Race Theory Proponents Use Atlanta Mass Shooting To Attack Southern Baptist Church As “Racist”

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After a writer for The Atlantic posted a circumstantial tweet that attempted to implicate Founders Ministries, a conservative Bible ministry within the Southern Baptist Convention, in the shooting deaths of eight victims in Georgia, prominent proponents of critical race theory joined in.

Robert P. Jones, a progressive author who opposes the efforts of Founders Ministries to cling to biblical authority, posted as “not incidental” the fact that the Georgia massage parlor shooter belonged to a church associated with the group.

Though the shooter himself acknowledged to police that his motive stemmed from his “shameful” sexual addictions, Jones and other CRT advocates seized upon the church connection to implicate those like Founders Ministries who oppose the spread of the race-based ideology.

It wasn’t long until other CRT activists joined the effort.

Other voices quickly condemned the activists’ attempt to exploit the tragedy, pointing out that such correlation/causality fallacies could implicate many other churches and groups when a member acts out violently or inappropriately.

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