Stacey Abrams Calls On Democrats To End Filibuster And Cram Through Bill That Would Help Rig All Future Elections

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On Sunday, Stacey Abrams said that Democrats need to eliminate the filibuster in the Senate to force through a US election reform bill. Abrams said that securing our democracy and voting was fundamental and deserved special treatment. Abrams comments are interesting given her own past involving elections.

Abrams is a Democrat from Georgia who was famous for saying that she won the governor’s race in Georgia, despite losing by thousands of votes. She refused to concede the election and has remained prominent in state politics in Georgia.

Democrats have wanted to force their election reform bill because they claim they want to try to eliminate another situation like the one from 2020. They have attacked and criticized former President Trump for insisting he won the 2020 election. But no one has a problem listening to Abrams who did the same thing.

They have had no issues with escalating her to the national scale either. Joe Biden apparently considered her for a running mate before choosing Kamala Harris. She is considered a leader for the Democrats in the state of Georgia and a potential candidate for governor or Senate in the future.

Her comments are interesting, however, as many on the Left have insisted that they not eliminate the filibuster. Joe Biden, Sen. Joe Manchin, and many others insist that the measure should remain in place. But that is not stopping the left-wing radical Abrams from wanting to change the rules.

Doing so would allow Democrats to rig elections for years to come. It secures their expanded mail-in voting schemes, federalizes many aspect of voting, and removes states’ rights in regards to elections. The Constitution clearly gives the rights to oversight of elections to the states. The Democrats are looking to seize on the final clause in Article 1 Section 4 about elections where it says Congress can pass a law to alter states’ rights.

The Supreme Court previously ruled in favor of states’ rights in election cases and only went against a state when it was decided that the state was oppressing a particular segment of voters. Democrats want to remove any state say from the equation. They want it all to be decided federally, while they are in control so they can make sure they never have to worry about losing.

It’s just the latest attempts by the Democrats to change the rules, They simply do not like abiding by the rules. They believe if you cannot win, cheat until you do and then change the rules.

Democrats know that this garbage bill will never pass. They will never get 10 Republicans to go along with it, not even the RINOs. They are simply grasping for anything they can to try to destroy the Republicans once and for all.

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