VIDEO Of Cops Smashing Windows, Pushing “Rioters” Into Capitol

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Watch as uniformed Capitol Hill police leave a window broken by a leftist rioter completely undefended, with an angry mob at the East Entrance to the Capitol not 30 feet away, so an undercover operative (agency unknown) could remove the glass completely and urge “rioters” inside. In one instance, a second undercover was actually pushing protestors inside the Capitol building’s East Entrance, where they were met with flash bangs and pepper spray. This reporter, a United States Marine, was forced to defend the breeched window from protestors, physically preventing at two leftists from entering. Watch the actions of the first undercover operative: He pulls the entire window from its frame and then stands back to let rioters inside; but once this reporter stepped front of the window, denying entrance to the first Antifa that attempted entry, the UC realizes he’s been caught attempting to pull off a false-flag, and immediately attacks the same person he’d let go towards the window literally two seconds prior to my intervention.

After that confrontation ended, knowing that his cover was blown, the UC disappeared. Five minutes after sending this footage to the Capitol Police on Twitter asking the identity of the UC, The Truth Is Viral’s Twitter account was permanently suspended.

Here is the short version which gets right to the meat: SHORT – Capitol Cop Breaks Window, Urges ‘Rioters” Inside

Following is the full-length version, sent by this reporter to the FBI, which contains irrefutable proof that while Trump supporters did enter the Capitol building, the attack was orchestrated and led by leftists in concert with members of law enforcement: BUSTED!!! Video Shows Capitol Police Conspiring With Antifa To Storm The Capitol And Blame Trump 

I witnessed, I recorded, and I will testify to the above facts. As of 3/11/21, Senators Krysten Sinema and Josh Hawley have asked for this footage, and it has been provided to them for use in upcoming hearings.

Bobby Powell

Publisher – The Truth Is Viral

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