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In One Day, Biden Took Multiple Actions That Will Greatly Harm America, Put Women At Risk And Give Protection To Illegals

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In a single day, President Joe Biden took multiple extraordinary measures to place American lives at risk with his actions. The moves included one executive order and what the LA Times called a “decree.” Both moves place Americans and American interests at risk.

The first move was an executive order by Joe Biden that was set to honor International Women’s Day. Biden was celebrated across mainstream media for his move, but the move has a hidden agenda that was buried in the executive order and statements. Sure, he made the surface comments about equality for women and girls (unless you are in New York and around Gov. Andrew Cuomo), but he left out the key portion of the details.

In his executive order, he used the words “gender identity” as the Democrats so often do. Throughout the executive order, it referenced women and girls, as one would expect on the symbolic order. But there were a couple specific references to gender identity that should be concerning.

One was at the beginning, where it clearly identified that the order was focusing on gender identity as well. The other was in reference to the White House Council that was created to make recommendations for laws that would protect women and those who would be at risk for discrimination as part of their gender identity.

This move continues to devalue the place of the woman in society, though many on the Left would disagree. If women were truly being respected, we would not be creating orders that place them at risk to be targeted by someone who “identifies” as a woman, using that protection to satisfy their pathetic desires. That’s exactly the scenario that will happen here.

But just as the mainstream media celebrated this move, they almost completely overlooked another “decree” from King Biden. The LA Times reported that Biden had given special protections to thousands from Venezuela. The move allows over 320,000 Venezuela citizens in the US to be able to seek protection and jobs while here in the states.

It seems to me that the Biden administration has the wrong people in mind when it is choosing who to protect. Rather than focusing on US citizens and protecting them, they are more focused on protecting Venezuelan’s from a cruel dictator. Do American women not deserve a leader who will actually fight for them and their rights rather than the rights of the sexual predator?

Don’t take me wrong, there is a need to help the people from Venezuela. But rather than simply allowing them to seek protection, we are allowing them greater protection than most US citizens. They are able to utilize the US systems for applicable benefits and in some cases more benefits than the typical US citizen.

So we are protecting those who are not citizens, while forcing women and girls to have to worry about losing their identity in society. They will be forced to share a restroom with the pedophiles and sexual predators. They will be forced to compete in sports against biological males without the ability to be recognized for their achievements. The moves by Biden could also place other children at risk of being test subjects in gender transitions in schools, a big desire of the left-wing radicals.

Time and again, the Left continues to take steps to place the lives of Americans at risk. Women and children should not have to deal with this type of disrespect, in what was coined a moment of respect for International Women’s Day.

At the rate Joe Biden is going, US citizens will be looking for protections from other nations just like these people from Venezuela. Biden and the communist Democrats are on a mission to destroy our entire country piece by piece.

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