In Leaked Email, ABC News Instructed Reporters Not To Discriminate Against Child Sex Abusers By Calling Them ‘Pedophiles’

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As the West descends further into globalist madness, we awaken each day to find another taboo being normalized by the media, academia, or the government.  Today, it should be shocking to find that the term “pedophile” is quietly beginning to be phased out at government-run ABC News in Australia. The so-called “dumbing-down” of terms across the globe is dangerous business and begs the question of government-run media and the leftist/globalist agenda.

When discussing people who unconscionably rape or otherwise sexually abuse children, senior producers at ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) in Australia reportedly told their reporters to finesse language surrounding pedophiles to blunt the attack so as not to offend marginalized groups of pedophiles.  “sex offenders,” they are being told, is now the woke PC term for unconscionable child rapists and pedophiles who destroy the physical and mental lives of children.

The Post Millennial Reports:

In an email sent to ABC journalists, the staff was instructed against using the term pedophile even when describing a person who preys on children and has sexually serially assaulted children. Apparently, calling those people pedophiles makes people who are also pedophiles feel that they are being discriminated against.

The email from a senior producer stated that “Sexual Assault Support Service on the weekend… mentioned their concerns about describing Griffin as a ‘pedophile,’” and went on to say, “We should avoid it unless we know he had a clinical diagnosis of pedophilia and instead use serial sexual offender/predator or a sexual abuser of children and young people.”

Why is this rather inefficient change in well-established language necessary?  What is wrong with a single word to describe precisely what is going on?

“Only those pedophiles who have been diagnosed by a medical professional as pedophiles are to be referred to in that manner. Anyone else is to be termed more generically.”

But here is the most disgusting part of it all: the rationalization for destigmatizing child rape.

“The email, which has raised the ire of some staff at ABC, went on to say that, “SASS says another consideration is from their point of view, there are a lot of pedophiles/people with pedophilia who do not act on those impulses, ­especially if they reach out for and receive professional psychological help … describing (perhaps technically inaccurately) Griffin as a pedophile could ­discourage those people from seeking help, making it more ­likely that they go on to abuse children.”

In short, so that pedophiles seek help for their condition, pedophiles are not to be named according to the condition they have.”

So, because no one should ever want to make pedophiles feel bad about being pedophiles or having pedophilic impulses, we can no longer use the word pedophile when describing pedophiles.  And, paradoxically, by properly labeling pedophiles, you will somehow become responsible for the pedophiles going on to rape children in the future.

Got that?

Well, worry too much about it because ABC claims that there is nothing to see here:

“An ABC spokesperson said that “There’s been no change to the ABC’s usage of the term pedophile in reporting. It’s still used. The note intended to inform staff about information from the Sexual Assault Support Service, as it’s always useful to understand the views of the ­services dealing closely with survivors. It shouldn’t have conveyed any ­official change in language use.”

So, senior producers tell their reporters not to use the word any longer except in wildly narrow cases, but there has been no official change.., does that make any sense to you?

It only will if you employ a marginal amount of critical thinking.  Steve Fisher does just that:

“Steve Fisher, a spokesperson for Beyond Abuse, said that this was a confusing new directive and undoubtedly unnecessary.

“If you start changing language that has been used in the media for years, there is a risk that society may be confused,” Fisher said.

“The media in Tasmania have done an amazing job of exposing sex offenders and helping survivors tell their stories, so to change the language they have to use is fraught with problems.

“In our experience,” Fisher said, “the public believes if it’s pedophilia, call it pedophilia. If it’s rape, call it rape. Not ‘sexual assault,’ which can mean anything from touching to raping somebody.”

Can any decent Western human being argue with Steve Fisher’s assessment?

What taboo do you think the anti-Western coup will begin erasing next as Western society gets put through the Marxist globalist blender?

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