BLM Protesters Threaten To Kill Little Girls Outside Cheerleading Competition For Their “White Privledge” [VIDEO]

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Black Lives Matter (BLM) thugs harassed and threatened little girls outside a cheerleading competition in Louisville over the weekend and, according to one father, threatened to kill them over their ‘white privilege’.

Democrats and the mainstream media fully support this kind of behavior.

The families of those attending the event were violently attacked over their “white privilege” as they entered the Louisville International Convention Center for the competition. This was allowed by local police.

According to one father, his daughter and her family attended the cheerleading competition. She then told him that they were caught in the abuse as they entered:

“We had to walk straight through this.  They shoved Dave (fiance’), and threatened they would kill my children.  This was scary and unexpected.”

More at PT News.

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