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WATCH: Kamala Stammers Incoherently When Asked About Biden’s ‘Plan’ To Re-Open Schools — Basically Admits They Don’t Have A Plan

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Kamala Harris was confronted by a reporter who, for once, asked a serious question. The new administration isn’t used to hard questions, of course, so this one must have caught her off guard, and she was clearly not prepared to give a coherent answer.

In the trainwreck-of-an-exchange on schools, during a surprisingly hard-hitting interview with Savannah Guthrie, Kamala basically admits the Biden administration has no plan whatsoever, aside from overruling the CDC on teacher vaccines.

Her new goal on school openings is to “open as many as possible.”

Harris fumbles and stammers incoherently when confronted with the Biden administration’s shifting standards on school openings.

All this woman can do is offer vague answers.

She could use a lesson from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who isn’t afraid to go against the Teachers Unions:

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