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Flip-Flop Fauci Just Proved He Doesn’t Care About The Science, Now Says Schools Can’t Reopen Until Biden’s Stimulus Passes

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Why anyone keeps listening to this guy is beyond me.

Flip-flop Fauci has changed his mind again. This time he’s proving, once and for all, that he’s simply a politician and cares nothing about the actual science.

You would never have seen mighty Fauci stumping for Trump agenda items, but that’s exactly what he’s doing for Biden. Maybe it was how he got them to let him stay on board. Remember, they started calling him a “Trump holdover” for a few weeks there. Bet that scared him.

Either way, they sure got him in line now.

Fauci is now going against his own recommendation to open schools. He now says school can’t re-open until Biden’s pork stimulus bill passes.


Yay, Science©!

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