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Biden Gets Goes Soft On Terrorism, Moving Forward With Plan To Close Guantanamo Bay Prison

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The Guantanamo Bay detention facility, which houses notorious terrorists suspected of planning the 9/11 attacks, is under review by the National Security Council “in line with our broader goal of closing Guantanamo,” NSC spokesperson Emily Horne said on Friday.

“We are undertaking an NSC process to assess the current state of play that the Biden administration has inherited from the previous administration, in line with our broader goal of closing Guantanamo,” Horne said.

“There will be a robust interagency process to move forward on this, but we need to have the right people seated to do this important work.”

Among those detained at the prison is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the al-Qaeda terrorist who masterminded the September 11 attacks that killed 2,997 Americans.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the intended closure during the media briefing on Friday.

“That certainly is our goal and our intention,” said Psaki when asked about the closing of the detention center.

If the Biden administration were successful in their intention to close the prison it would fulfill a promise made by the former Obama administration in Feb. 2016.

So the question that is on all of our minds is, what happens to the terrorists once Gitmo is closed? Are the released or are they brought in to the U.S.? And what do we do with future captures? Do we fill our prisons with enemies of war?

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