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WATCH: Video Brilliantly Shows Democrats Making The Case For THEIR OWN Impeachment During Trump Trial

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A brilliant new video montage perfectly shows what hypocrites the Democrats are, doing the exact things that they are now trying to impeach President Trump for.

Democrat impeachment managers were widely praised for their opening statements on day one of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Observers mostly concentrated on the managers’ effective use of spliced video clips documenting some of the violent scenes of the January 6th Capitol Hill riots overlaid with the president’s own speech to the demonstrators.

A new video, produced by an organization called “AceSix4 Films,” has emerged to counter that case. It utilizes many of those same words of the House impeachment managers but splices them with the speeches and interviews of leading Democrats.

The video has quickly gone viral online with the description, “Democrats make the case against themselves.”

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