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WATCH: People Panic At New Cost Of Live-Saving Drugs After Biden Cancels Trump’s Order Against Price Gouging — ‘I Can’t Afford To Live!’

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Of the record breaking number of executive orders signed by President Biden, one of them was a directive that suspended President Trump’s order which lowered the prices of life-saving drugs including insulin and epinephrine.

And people have already started to feel the devastating effect of this action.

Several videos have gone viral showing people whose lives depend on these drugs fighting back tears as they discover the new costs of the medication could cost them or their loved one their lives.

A 24-year-old man who says he graduated from college just before COVID-19 provoked massive lockdowns and a stagnant economy, now says that the cost of his insulin and other diabetic supplies have skyrocketed to $2,000.

“I am 24, I only just got out of college before COVID hit and I’m not making any good money. How am I supposed to pay $2,000 for something that I didn’t do anything to get?”

“America is f**king bullshit, like I can’t afford to live,” the man shouted, gripped with emotion. “I have to pay for something that I did not at all, at all do anything to get. So I guess I’ll just f**king die.”

In a separate video, a woman admonishes Biden’s action and those who voted him in to office. Her child with diabetes depends on insulin to survive. A single box, which lasts about a month, cost $60 under Trump. After Biden’s order, it now costs an astonishing $500.

This are the faces of real people who have already been effected by the Biden administration’s authoritarian policies. These actions have real and devastating effects and he hasn’t even been in office for a full month.

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